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Change of Plan

Well, the world keeps us on our toes. After a pleasant day in London we received email that we needed to head back to Boston to take care of MAma. So it goes with the world.

Here’s to more adventures sometime soon!


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On the Road Again

We’ve set sail once again for distant shores.

 Now we head out on phase two of our adventure- a journey to Kyrgyzstan by way of London. We headed out to London a day early both to ensure that weather didn’t deter us, and to have a day to rest, recuperate, and adjust to the changing time zone.

 We’re staying in our London hood, Bayview, and we’re hoping tonight to get to the London Globe Theatre for a performance of Othello. In the morning we’ll meet with Paul McKeating, the North London teacher, and then we’ll head over to the school to start about 24 hours of packing, meeting, and planning.

 Let the games begin!

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Final Scenes from the road

About 4 minutes of footage we couldn’t upload from the road.

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Heading Home

Did you know there is free internet in the Reykjavic Airport… Did you know that it’s very difficult to find the question mark. We take off in about an hour and then five hours later we’ll be home!!!Oh, here it is.:???

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The End of the Road

So this seemed to us like a pretty good place to call it quits. The village of Å at the end of the Lofoten Island. We’d biked 2000km, and if we wanted to go any further, we’d need to figure out how to float on our tire tubes.

The map of the route is here .

End of the Road

So afterwards we went to the island of Røst and had an enjoyable puffin tour where we saw hundreds upon hundreds of Puffins.Not all of these are puffins, some gullies and razor bills, but lots. (Click the photo for a larger one.)

Lots of Puffins

Our guides told us some fascinating stories about the region, including an incredible story of an Italian journey gone awry in 1432, led by Pietro Querini, that ended up in a disasterous wreck near Røst, the upside being that a trade in dried stockfish began which continues to this day .When you need fish in Italy for lent or Friday, you import from Rost.

We’ve now returned to Oslo after a long train journey under the midnight sun, which provided about 3 hours of sunrise, sunset colours from 11-2AM. Here’s a brief video of us biking under the midnight sun on the solstice, and below is our photo from about 11:40 PM. You can see lots more photos if you click the Flickr link on the bottom right.

The plan for now is that we tour Oslo tommorrow, fly home on Tuesday, work and help people get married for a few weeks. Then we head back to London for Kyrgyzstan and China on the 17th!

Midnight Sun

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